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  • Gily from Liv

A new place

Know the feeling when you're arriving in a new place when no one knows you - and you can be anything you like?

A new place is a space that allows us to experience. It offers us an opportunity to try and express more sides in us.

We usually have our "regular roles" in our everyday environment, making it hard for us to be different from what we are used to, based on a specific context - The funny, the responsible, the critical...

In any social setting, we can have a slightly different role.

For example, certain qualities can stand out with our family, and we'll express other qualities with our friends.

Something is refreshing in a new place when we have the opportunity to express another "us."

What sides in you do you express daily?

What would you like to express more?

Not sure? You can just try and then decide.


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