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Liv Kit - Tools for your well-being - Wood Box

Liv Kit - Tools for your well-being - Wood Box


Whatever emotions you may be experiencing, our Become Yourself Kit will help reestablish your sense of self-knowledge and confidence. 15 interactive tools come included in the Become Yourself Kit that help you better understand your emotions, so you feel on top of the world again!


How Become Yourself Kit Helps: 15 proven psychological tools that improve wellbeing, Made by actual psychologists using real empirical research, Allows you to self-reflect and learn about yourself & will improve your relationship with yourself and others. 

  • This kit contains fifteen booklets. Each booklet focuses on a different feeling and teaches you how to cope and manage each one. There may be topics that do not feel relevant right now which you can always skip and come back to later when you feel the need. Go at your own pace! There isn’t a right way to complete each exercise. As long as you take your time and understand the purpose of everything then you’ll be just fine. Don’t be too harsh or critical of yourself during the process. The key is to keep moving.

    You can complete the exercises by yourself, in a group, or with your partner or a friend. After doing an exercise, think about how the insights you have gained can improve your life. You are invited to write down your insights and thoughts or share your experience with someone close. It is often useful to repeat an exercise a few times to really comprehend everything.

    You are welcome to skim through the topics, choose those that are more relevant for this moment, return to others at different stages, and most of all - Take some time for yourself.

    Liv was founded by psychologists and offers self-care tools based on empirical studies.

  • Happiness // Active Listening //  Self Criticism // Anger // Worry // Perspective // Focus // Gratitude // Conflict // Fear // Awareness // Positive Thinking // Behavior // Reframe // Negative Thoughts

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