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Liv New Life - Self Therapy for Moms

Liv New Life - Self Therapy for Moms

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An empowerment kit for all the Moms out there! Motherhood can be challenging and emotional and we’re here to make the journey easier with 15 psychological tools included in the New Life Kit.


How New Life Kit Helps: 15 proven psychological tools that improve wellbeing, Made by actual psychologists using real empirical research, Allows you to self-reflect and learn about yourself & Helps women go through motherhood with more assurance 

  • This kit contains fifteen booklets. Each booklet focuses on a different topic and walks you through it step by step. There may be topics that do not feel relevant yet, and there may be others that you have already been through. Regardless of your current stage in motherhood, Liv will be right here waiting for you!

    There is no one right way to complete the exercises. You might complete some exercises in several minutes, and others may take much longer. Try not to judge yourself or the process. Instead, try to enjoy it! You can complete the exercises by yourself, in a group, with a partner or friend. Feel free to write down the insights and thoughts that come to mind while completing the exercises.

    You can also give the Liv Together card to someone close to you and share your experience with them!

    You are welcome to skim through the topics, choose those that are more relevant for the current moment, and return to others at different stages. Most of all - take some time for yourself.

    Liv was founded by real professional psychologists and offers self-care tools based on empirical studies.

    • The New Normal
    • Expectations vs. Reality
    • Self Reminder
    • Body Acceptance
    • A New Perspective
    • Not Enough Time
    • Responding Differently
    • Understanding Myself
    • Asking For Help
    • Breathing
    • Us
    • Making Up
    • Sexuality
    • Sharing
    • Listening
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