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Connecting Moments - Story Game

Connecting Moments - Story Game


A playful game that will make your child feel more comfortable expressing themself and sharing their emotions. 


Choose two cards each time — one of emotion and one of context — and try to connect them based on an experience you've had. Each time you play, you'll listen to stories you might not have heard and share moments you might not have told.


How Our Game Helps: Makes your child feel more comfortable expressing themselves, A fun way to get your child to open up and share their emotions, Great game for both children and adults to play & Brings your children closer to you. 

  • You will find 20 emotion cards and 20 context cards in the box. Place the cards upside down in two separate packs side by side. Each player, in turn, will take two cards (one from each pack) and connect the cards based on an experience or moment that has recently occurred. 

    Share the experience based on the connection of emotion and context. For example, if you were to draw “Joy” and “Grandparents,” one might say, “It makes me happy when I visit my grandparents.” Place the pairs next to you so that you can see the connections you have made.

    If you could not find an experience from the pair of cards you took, don’t worry! Simply wait for your next turn, and maybe you can make new and exciting combinations.

    When one shares, others listen. Try not to criticize or mock others’ experiences.

    At the end of the game, feel free to discuss the stories you have created.

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