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Liv provides an opportunity for anyone to boost their well-being. With Liv, even the busiest person would be able to focus on their emotional needs and get some daily self-help tools.

Liv Kits workshop -
Do It Yourself  Therapy

Many of us are so busy, that we might forget to focus on mental well-being. But now with Liv it's much easier...

In this workshop, you will -

·  Consider boosting your well-being

·  Explore some DIY psychology-based tools.

​·  Become your own therapist!

Personal Growth -
The voices in our head

All of us have these voices in our heads that might set us back.

Let's hear them.

In this workshop, we will -

·  Rediscover our personal needs.

·  Practice vulnerability

·  Recognize the judgmental sides toward ourselves and others.

Personal Strengths -
What's your superpower?

What's your superpower? 

Instead of trying to fix more and more parts in ourselves, we can just focus on what we're already good at - and become excellent! 

In this workshop, we will -

·  Take a look at the things that we take for granted. 

·  Identity our strengths. 

·  Learn how to integrate them into our life routine. 

Team Work - 
Love & Conflict

Do you feel like you're married to your teammates?

Let's have couples therapy then :)

In this workshop, we will -

·  Understand the patterns that can hurt your relationships.

·  Identify the things that aren't great in your team dynamics.

·  Learn how to fight.

The role of Emotions - 
Hello Feelings

We can't control our feelings - but we can decide how to express them.

In this workshop, we will -

·  Understand the roles of emotions.

·  Learn about emotional control.

·  Recognize some of our common behaviors.

·  Explore how we could change our behavior habits. 

Liv Retreat -
2 Day Workshop

Liv at the Desert (or anywhere far)

Two days of different workshops with Liv tools. 

An Individual and group experience with writing, thinking, coping, and Self-development.

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