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  • Gily from Liv

Is every emotion good?

In general - yes.

We sometimes divide our feelings into good and bad,

Positive and negative,

Depending on how they make us feel.

Emotions like anger, fear, and worry - are emotions that are unpleasant for us to experience. It makes sense that we perceive them as such.

But perhaps it is right to look at our emotions from a different angle

And ask - what are they trying to teach us about ourselves?

Every emotion signals something to us.

"Negative" emotions are there to protect us.

For example, fear is supposed to alert us to dangers,

Anger warns us of injustice.

In the Become Yourself Liv kits, you'll find 15 exercises divided into emotions.

Each exercise begins by explaining the emotion, so we can first understand its role.

Only then could we deal with those emotions.


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