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  • Gily from Liv

Liv's exercises

The kit contains 15 exercises - each exercise focuses on a different emotion or behavior.

Some of the exercises focus on positive emotions such as Gratitude, Listening, Happiness.. These exercises are designed to increase the positive feelings we are already feeling.

And some exercises focus on our negative emotions - anger, worry, fear, self-criticism... These exercises are designed to regulate those emotions in us.

The exercises chosen to be in the kit, are relevant and meaningful in different moments in our lives.

There will be situations where we will know exactly what exercise we need and which support we need. And there will be moments (usually when we are in a positive state of mind) that we won't be sure of our needs and try any exercise.

Liv is a solution for everyday moments - negative and positive ones. Liv helps us in times of crisis and negative emotions and can develop us when we are interested in investing time in ourselves for our own growth.



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