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  • Gily from Liv

Ways to cope with STRESS

We all stress out sometimes.

We can get stressed for different reasons and we may act differently, but the feeling of stress is something all of us are familiar with.

Here are a few simple ways that can help us in stressful times.

#1 Time for stress

Schedule a time to focus on your stress. Setting

time may help avoid overthinking about your stress.

For example: Writing down all tasks at 9:00 for 10 minutes.

#2 Source

List the causes of your stress.

Is the stress external or internal?

For example: workload at work or overthinking about tasks.

#3 Behavior

Try to identify how you respond to stress.

Does the behavior help you?

For example: impatience, frustration ..

#4 Checklist

Translate the causes of stress into tasks.

Decide when you will perform each

task according to your priorities.

#5 Support

Ask for the help that will make things easier for you. Support can be by listening to you, giving advice or helping with tasks.

#6 Relax

Take the time to do things you enjoy.

For example: workout, cooking, a short nap..


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