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Self-help is a treatment method that enables anyone to help themselves by themselves.

One of the advantages of this method is that it develops self-efficacy.

When we succeed in helping ourselves, we also believe in our abilities to organize and execute actions that promote achievement.

Dealing with challenges is based on the ability to solve problems and is affected by how we think of ourselves.

Self-efficacy is one of the primary factors influencing our behavior when we respond to challenging events.

This is why our interpretation influences our emotional state.

The interpretation can be positive or negative, depending on our feelings of capabilities.

There is a link between high self-efficacy and self-image, emotional regulation, optimism, positive emotions, and adaptability.

A feeling of ability is also associated with less depression, anxiety, helplessness, and mental distress.

Self-help is an excellent method for people who don't want or can't go to therapy. Research shows that doing self-help exercises in addition to therapy - may lead to a better therapy process.


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