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  • Gily from Liv

The theory behind Liv

Liv combines different theories and techniques.

The exercises are based on one of the three approaches.

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

One of the most popular techniques today.

According to this approach, our emotions and behavior are influenced by our interpretation.

We behave and respond according to our own behavioral habits.

These interpretations can be changed and thus create a perception change.

Positive Psychology - focuses on increasing positive symptoms

versus treating and targeting negative symptoms.

This approach is not focused only on the positive, but the essence of this concept is the experience of positive emotions, awareness of the good, and gratitude.

Mindfulness - combines psychology and Buddhism.

Its core focus and attention directed to what is happening in the present.

This approach has also become recognized and widely used thanks to research support.

Another foundation is a combination of psychology and physiology, which proves that the mind is flexible - and transformed by thinking, learning and action.


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